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Win All and Pray for Luck: Pakistan’s Semifinal Formula

Pakistan’s journey in the ICC ODI World Cup 2023 has taken a tumultuous turn after a disheartening loss to Afghanistan, marking their third consecutive defeat in the tournament.

With just two wins and three losses in their five matches so far, Pakistan now find themselves in a precarious position as they look ahead to their remaining fixtures.

The upcoming matches against South Africa, Bangladesh, New Zealand, and England will be pivotal, and here we examine the various scenarios that could determine Pakistan’s fate in the tournament.

Pakistan win all matches

Even if Pakistan manages to triumph in all of their remaining group-stage matches, they will accumulate a total of 12 points.

However, as of October 24, 2023, India and New Zealand have already garnered ten and eight points, respectively. While this would push Pakistan closer to qualification, they would still need to rely on the outcomes of other matches, particularly those involving Australia.

Australia have one game in hand, and if they win all five of their remaining matches, they would secure a place in the semifinals ahead of Pakistan.

Pakistan lose one

A single defeat in the remaining matches could pose a substantial risk to Pakistan’s chances of advancing.

Losing to either New Zealand or South Africa would elevate these teams above Pakistan on the points table. A loss to England or Bangladesh would also deal a significant blow to their prospects.

Pakistan would then have to hope that Australia lose at least two of their remaining matches, and that the net run rate does not come into play.

Pakistan lose more than one

If Pakistan stumbles in more than one of their remaining four games at the World Cup, their hopes of reaching the semifinals would be dashed, and they would find themselves out of the qualification race.

Points needed for semis

To secure a spot in the semifinals, Pakistan must aim for the maximum 12 points in the group stage.

However, history has shown that 12 points can be enough for a team to reach the semifinals, as demonstrated in the 2019 World Cup. Pakistan now faces a high-stakes journey ahead, with no room for error in their quest for a place in the coveted semifinals.

The cricketing world will be watching with bated breath as Pakistan faces a challenging path ahead, and fans are hoping for a spectacular turnaround in their World Cup campaign.

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