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Why the Lux Style Awards Bashes Female Artists?

The Lux Style Awards have come under criticism for having a sexist mentality. As a direct consequence, they are likely going to be canceled.

It all started when Shafi voiced her disapproval of the jury for setting a precedent of disregarding and devaluing the accomplishments of women. Song, the singer, most streamed, and best live performance are the four music-related categories dominated by male musicians at this year’s Lux Style Awards.

The absence of female candidates in the music category at this year’s Lux Style Awards has been called into question by Pakistani women who work in the music business. They have taken it upon themselves to voice their disapproval of the awards. Maria Unera, Zeb Bangash, Rachel Viccaji, Natasha Noorani, and Risham Faiz Bhutta all published an image from Shafi’s Instagram story to draw more attention to the rewards. To show their solidarity, several other Instagram users, including Eva B, Natasha Baig, Nimra Rafiq, and Rutaba Yaqub, uploaded the photo to their profiles and shared it with their followers.

Momina Mustehsan, the most recent commentator, agrees that structural disparities must be addressed. She addressed the issue at different levels. She emphasized that the systemic discrepancies must be addressed, particularly regarding women working in the music industry. It’s possible that this was an honest oversight on the part of Unilever. Still, the fact remains that the company’s actions are robbing 110 million women of the inspiration and role models to which they are legally entitled. It doesn’t make any sense, especially from a female-focused corporation like Unilever Pakistan, which has taken commendable steps toward Gender Equality by increasing the number of women in key leadership roles across the organization. 

Despite the widespread belief that traditional interpretations of Islam forbid all forms of musical enjoyment, particularly genres of music that derive from the West, such as rock and pop, Pakistan’s popular music culture has long fostered the growth of independent women musicians. The Pakistani music business has acted as a testing ground for these women, allowing them to develop their skills and exhibit their impact and power to a broader audience of young women. This has been a very beneficial experience for all of these ladies. Because of this, these big companies need to reconsider and be careful of their inclusivity.

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