What Makes TikTok so Popular in Pakistan?

Story Highlights
  • Fame is now cheap and has profit in return.
  • A learning platform
  • Inclusive and Inspiring

TikTok has rapidly become a new online social network that caters to users of many ages and socioeconomic backgrounds. It is common knowledge that the young of today are utterly enamored with unique video creations that can be discovered on the internet due to the popularity of this app. It was the most popular non-game app in the first half of 2021, with 3 billion downloads, far surpassing the competition in terms of popularity.

Fame is now cheap and has profit in return.

Now more than ever, anybody with a smartphone and access to the internet may become famous at little or no cost. Since over 98 million Pakistanis use 3G and another 100 million use internet broadband, it is safe to assume that social networking has become a widely enjoyed pastime in Pakistan.

TikTok differs from YouTube because it does not let its users generate money from advertising. However, users still have the opportunity to make money through commercial sponsorships and partnerships. New kinds of digital media are looking to new renowned stars with a few thousand followers on social apps to sell and advertise their products, which is causing traditional means of advertising, such as those on television and in print magazines, to become obsolete.

A learning platform

The program provides a novel and engaging instructional approach. It offers tips and tricks for school and life, methods for instructing pupils with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and oppositional defiant disorder, and personal budgeting advice. Creators like Ekleinvt, Notoriouscree, and Mags4science are working hard to turn Tik Tok into a learning tool by sharing their knowledge and experience via the app. Videos on Tik Tok are well-organized, making it simple to find what you’re looking for; as one video finishes, a swipe-up begins a new one, creating a seamless stream of vibrant motion pictures. The app’s trends inspired many users to share their stories, and 5-minute hacks with the world, prompting trend-setters’ followers to either discredit or support the concepts being discussed.

Inclusive and Inspiring 

TikTok allows users to express themselves freely and explore their artistic sides via the material they upload. Celebrities aren’t the only ones who can claim millions of internet fans nowadays. Nasir Khan Jaan’s meteoric climb to stardom on Facebook is well-documented; now, a new platform, TikTok, has even more potential.

Pakistanis are not shy about putting this skill to use, whether it’s in the form of parodies of Bollywood movies, comedic monologues, or instructional videos. Everyone, from the bricklayer and shopkeeper to the student, has access to the same channels and opportunities for public recognition. And if one is popular enough, they might be invited to live game shows broadcast to the whole country.

Even though the app has been temporarily blocked in Pakistan on many occasions, its appeal among young people in that country is still rather significant.

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