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Ways to Retain the Knowledge From Every Book You Read

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  • Quit bad books
  • Choose applicable books

The most significant reason to read more books is that it helps you see the world in a new light and get perspective on your life.

You may think of it as if your brain’s “software” were being updated every time you learned a new idea, model, or notion. It’s possible to get fresh insights by looking back on past experiences as a result of new learning.

This happens only if you absorb and recall book insights. Only retention compounds knowledge. Thus, reading more books is less important than learning more from each one.

 Reading for enjoyment is a great pastime, but this article focuses on reading for learning.

Quit bad books

It’s easy to tell what’s worth reading. Well-written and thought-provoking concepts stand out.

Thus, most should start more novels than they do. You don’t have to read each book page by page. You can quickly look at the table of contents, titles of chapters, and subheadings. Pick an area you like and read a few pages. In 10 minutes, you’ll know its quality.

There needs to be more time to read mediocre novels. The lost potential is too much. There’s plenty of fantastic literature out there. Put down the terrible book immediately and without remorse.

Choose applicable books

Selecting books directly relevant to the reader’s life is one strategy to boost reading comprehension. Implementing what you’ve studied is an excellent method to cement the concepts in your mind. Learning via repetition and practice is very efficient. However, only some books have to be a how-to manual with instant relevance. There are various books from which we may gain insight. However, you will have a better chance of remembering books if they directly apply to your life.

It’s always a good idea to examine your notes or return to the text if you need help or see gaps in your knowledge. To fully understand the concepts and feel at ease while explaining them, continue to write them down.

Even if a book provides a “eureka!” moment of epiphany, it is unlikely to completely transform your life. The trick is to gain some insight every day.

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