War on Gaza: Over 900,000 Displaced in Just Two Weeks Amid Escalating Conflict

The United Nations’ humanitarian office has issued a dire warning as the conflict between Israel and Palestine intensifies. Over 900,000 Palestinians, representing approximately 40% of Gaza’s population, have been forcibly internally displaced in the past two weeks due to Israel’s military operations in the Palestinian territory. The situation has reached a critical point, with civilians facing immense hardships and uncertainty.

Escalating Conflict and Displacement Crisis

The Israeli bombardment of Gaza has been relentless, accompanied by ground incursions and intense fighting. Particularly affected are the eastern Rafah and Jabalya regions. As a result, more than 75% of the Gaza Strip—approximately 285 square kilometers—is now under evacuation orders. Families are being uprooted from their homes, leaving everything behind in search of safety.

Dire Living Conditions

The large-scale displacement has led to dire living conditions. With a severe shortage of shelters, displaced individuals are seeking refuge in open spaces, damaged buildings, and agricultural lands in Khan Younis and Deir al-Balah. Tents are scarce, and basic necessities are in short supply. The humanitarian crisis is unfolding rapidly, leaving vulnerable populations struggling to survive.

International Response and Legal Implications

The International Criminal Court (ICC) is closely monitoring the situation. ICC prosecutor Karim Khan is seeking arrest warrants for Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, and three leaders of the Hamas group. The panel of legal experts advising the ICC found “reasonable grounds to believe” that these individuals have committed war crimes or crimes against humanity. The international community is closely watching these developments.

Amal Clooney’s Involvement

Human rights attorney Amal Clooney is among the experts advising the ICC prosecutor. Despite online criticism, Clooney has been actively evaluating evidence related to suspected war crimes and crimes against humanity in Israel and Gaza. Her involvement underscores the gravity of the situation and the need for accountability.

US Position and ICC Prosecutor’s Request

US President Joe Biden has criticized the ICC prosecutor’s request for arrest warrants, calling it “outrageous.” The US remains a staunch ally of Israel, and some legislators have threatened action against the world court. The geopolitical implications are significant, with tensions escalating on multiple fronts.

Ongoing Casualties and Captives

The death toll in Gaza continues to rise. Israeli army air attacks on Jabalia and Beit Lahiya in northern Gaza have claimed more than 18 lives in recent hours. Since October 7, over 35,562 people, mostly women and children, have been killed, and more than 79,652 have been wounded in Israeli attacks on Gaza.

As the conflict persists, urgent humanitarian aid and diplomatic efforts are crucial to alleviate the suffering of civilians caught in the crossfire. The world watches, hoping for a peaceful resolution to this devastating crisis.

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