US Senate Approves $14 Billion for Israel Amid House Opposition

The US Senate has passed a huge aid package of $95.34 billion that includes $14 billion for Israel, despite facing opposition from former President Donald Trump and some House Republicans.

The bill, which also provides assistance to Ukraine, Taiwan, and various conflict zones, was approved by a 70-29 vote in the early hours of Wednesday, with 22 Republicans joining the Democrats in supporting the measure.

The $14 billion for Israel is part of the US commitment to maintain Israel’s qualitative military edge in the region, and to help it defend itself against threats from Hamas and other groups. The aid will also support Israel’s missile defense systems, such as the Iron Dome, which intercepted hundreds of rockets fired by Hamas during the recent war in Gaza.

The aid package reflects the strong ties between the US and Israel, which have been reaffirmed by President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Both leaders have expressed their shared values and interests, and their desire to work together on regional and global issues.

However, the bill faces an uncertain future in the House of Representatives, where the Republicans have a majority and have raised objections to some of the provisions. House Speaker Mike Johnson has criticized the bill for not addressing the immigration crisis at the US-Mexico border, and has suggested that the aid to Israel should be conditional on its actions in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Some House Republicans have also echoed Trump’s stance that the aid to allies should be converted into loans, rather than grants. Trump, who still wields considerable influence in the Republican Party, has opposed the bill and urged his supporters to reject it.

The bill is expected to face a tough battle in the House, where it will need to win over some Republicans to pass. The Democrats are hopeful that the bipartisan support in the Senate will persuade some House Republicans to vote for the bill, which they say is vital for US national security and global leadership.

The bill also includes $61 billion for Ukraine, which is facing a military threat from Russia, and $4.83 billion for Taiwan, which is facing a diplomatic and economic pressure from China. Additionally, the bill allocates $9.15 billion for humanitarian aid to Gaza, the West Bank, and other conflict zones around the world.

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