US Disapproves of Pak-Iran Gas Pipeline Project, Warns of Sanctions

The United States has expressed its disapproval of the Pakistan-Iran gas pipeline project, cautioning Pakistan of potential sanctions if it proceeds with business dealings with Iran. This stance was articulated by Matthew Miller, a spokesperson for the State Department, who advised all parties to carefully consider the risks of engaging in business with Iran due to the possibility of encountering US sanctions.

This statement from the US comes in the wake of Pakistan’s decision to request a waiver from the US on the gas pipeline project. Pakistan’s Petroleum Minister, Musadik Malik, announced this decision, stating that Pakistan will strongly present its case and attempt to secure an exemption from US sanctions by presenting technical and political arguments.

Despite the US’s stance, Malik affirmed that Pakistan plans to commence construction on the gas pipeline project soon. The project has been delayed since 2014, and in January, Iran issued a third notice to Pakistan, expressing its intention to take the matter to the arbitration court due to Pakistan’s failure to lay the pipeline as part of the IP gas line project.

Pakistan has maintained that it could not execute the project within its territory due to the US sanctions imposed on Iran. However, Iran has disagreed with this viewpoint, stating that the US sanctions are not justified. It is noteworthy that Iran had already completed the laying of a 900-kilometre pipeline as part of the project agreement signed in 2009, which was supposed to be completed in 2015.

In a separate development, the US has condemned the recent attack on Chinese nationals in Pakistan. Matthew Miller expressed deep sadness over the loss of life and injuries sustained in the attack, extending heartfelt condolences to those affected. He noted that both the Pakistani people and Chinese nationals in Pakistan have been victims of terrorist attacks.

Just a day prior, a suicide bomber attacked a vehicle in Shangla’s Besham city, killing five Chinese citizens and a Pakistani driver. The victims were part of a convoy carrying Chinese engineers.

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