Unforgettable Music | A Look at the Top 6 All-Time Favorite Classic Songs of Pakistan

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  • Ko Ko Korina - 1966
  • Hum dekhenge - 1979
  • Disco Deewanay - 1981
  • Allah Hoo - 1988
  • Dil Dil Pakistan - 1987
  • Sayoonee - 1997

In the era of cassettes, there is believed to be more appreciation of music and artists. 20th-century music of Pakistan, from Nazia Hassan’s upbeat music to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s Qawwali, has always tugged at our hearts. 

Let us roll down the 6 all-time favorite classic songs of Pakistan:

Ko Ko Korina – 1966

Known as Pakistan’s first “pop” song, Ko Ko Korina was released in 1966 and is an energetic tune. Sung by the late great Ahmed Rushdi for the film Armaan, it was recorded during the era sometimes referred to as the “golden years” of filmmaking in Pakistan. People think of him as South Asia’s first pop singer because he sang South Asia’s first pop song, Ko Ko Korina.

Hum dekhenge – 1979 

Hum dekhenge is a song, poetry, and a time capsule rolled into one. The poem was written by Faiz Ahmed Faiz that gained widespread attention thanks to Iqbal Bano’s evocative singing and the entrancing ghazals she composed. That’s more than just a song to the listeners.  You feel like you’re slowly gliding through the air when you listen to this song.

Disco Deewanay – 1981

It’s a classic song from the past. Nazia Hassan and her brother Zoheb’s collaboration, “Disco Deewane,” is the best-selling Asian pop album of all time. It’s bold and in your face with a catchy, easygoing rhythm with high-pitched vocals and may shift from low to high in the space of a few bars. 

Allah Hoo – 1988

One of the most famous Sufi ghazals ever, Allah Hoo, was performed by the great Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and was a religious song that later became a commercial pop hit. It’s one of the best Pakistani songs of all time because it’s soulful, religious, emotive, and effervescent and because the vocals and instrumentals build to a crescendo.

Dil Dil Pakistan – 1987

Dil Dil Pakistan, published in 1987 by one of Pakistan’s most famous rock bands, Vital Signs, is a memorable, catchy, and easygoing pop song that praises the finest of Pakistan. The late Junaid Jamshed sang it. It was a sign of the changing times because it showed patriotism and rebellion.

Sayoonee – 1997

The band Junoon released a single called “Sayonee” in 1997. A Sufi rock tune that instantly becomes everyone’s favorite. Salman Ahmad, Ali Azmat, and Taylor Simpson make up the Junoon band. Junoon band music is still quite popular among young people today. 

These are just a few of the songs that make up the top of the list of many diverse artists that Pakistan has been nurturing. It is impossible to curate one list that covers everyone’s favorites.

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