Twitter Considers Legal Action Against Meta Over Rival App Threads

Twitter, the popular social media platform, is contemplating legal action against Meta, the parent company of Instagram, over its newly launched app, Threads. With Threads gaining significant traction and boasting over 70 million sign-ups, Twitter is concerned about the similarities between the two platforms and allegations of unfair competition.

Threads: A “Friendly” Alternative to Twitter?

Threads, launched by Meta on 5th July, has been positioned as a “friendly” alternative to Twitter. The app’s interface and functionality resemble Twitter, with a familiar news feed and reposting features. While US copyright law does not protect ideas, Twitter must prove that Meta unlawfully used its intellectual property, such as programming code, to have a solid case in court.

Twitter’s Allegations Against Meta

In a legal letter sent to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Twitter’s attorney accused Meta of “systematic, wilful, and unlawful misappropriation” of Twitter’s trade secrets and intellectual property. The letter further claimed that Meta had employed numerous former Twitter employees with access to confidential information, which they allegedly utilized to develop the Threads app. Twitter demanded that Meta cease using its trade secrets and personal information and warned of potential civil remedies and injunctive relief.

Meta’s Response

On the other hand, Meta denied the allegations made in the legal letter. According to a spokesperson, no member of the Threads engineering team had previously worked for Twitter. Meta maintains that the app’s development was entirely independent and not influenced by any trade secrets or confidential information from Twitter.

The Implications and Potential Legal Battle

The brewing conflict between Twitter and Meta raises questions about the future of social media competition and intellectual property rights. If Twitter proceeds with legal action, the burden of proof will be on them to demonstrate that Meta unlawfully used their proprietary information. However, Meta can argue that their patent for “communicating a newsfeed,” granted in 2012, allows them to develop apps with similar functionality.

The Battle of Influencers and Revenue Generation

Threads rapidly amassed over 70 million users, posing a potential threat to Twitter’s user base and revenue generation. Venture capital experts suggest that Threads could provide a “brand-safe environment” for existing Instagram advertisers, allowing them to allocate budgets and assess its effectiveness. The ease of cross-posting to other platforms, such as Instagram, may contribute to the steady growth of Threads.


The emergence of Threads, a rival app developed by Meta, has sparked a potential legal battle between the company and Twitter. While Twitter alleges that Meta unlawfully utilized its trade secrets and intellectual property, Meta denies these claims. The conflict raises important questions about intellectual property rights, social media competition, and the industry’s future. As both companies position themselves for growth and revenue generation, the outcome of this dispute will undoubtedly shape the social media landscape in the years to come.


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