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Twenty20 Edition: Cricket Moments No One Saw Coming

Story Highlights
  • Yuvraj Singhs’ sixes - 2007
  • Gangnam Style - 2012
  • Bowl-out - 2007
  • Sangakkara’s departing win - 2014

When a major athletic event takes place, there are certain to be moments that fans will never forget. From Gayle’s century in the first match in 2007 to the West Indies’ victory celebration in the 2012 World T20, the history of the World T20 is littered with unforgettable events. Here are the five most exciting moments throughout the World Twenty-Twenty Championship.

Yuvraj Singhs’ sixes – 2007

After a dispute in Durban, England learned the hard way that angering Yuvraj Singh is a bad idea.

After giving up a boundary in the 18th over, Andrew Flintoff swore at Singh but it was Stuart Broad who paid a high price.

Singh hit six sixes in one over. He reached his half-century in just 12 balls, which was the fastest fifty in the history of international cricket, and beat England badly.

Gangnam Style – 2012

West Indies ended a dry spell of 33 years without reaching the World Cup with a memorable performance.

West Indies players celebrated their 36-run victory against Sri Lanka in the final by dancing in the style of Korean pop star PSY’s hit song “Gangnam Style” at Colombo’s Premadasa Stadium.

The spectators had so much fun watching that even the home supporters forgot the disappointment of their team’s loss and participated in the celebration.

Bowl-out – 2007

The “mother of all games” has been used to characterize a Pakistan-India showdown. 

After both South Asian teams’ innings ended on 141, a bowl-out was used for the first time as a tiebreaker. Each team had to send out five bowlers to try to knock down the wickets. Pakistan’s Yasir Arafat, Umar Gul, and Shahid Afridi failed the task whereas India’s Virender Sehwag, Harbhajan Singh, and Robin Uthappa won.

Due to the absurd nature of the situation towards the conclusion of the Pakistan-India match, the bowl-out was eliminated from the competition and replaced with a Super Over.

Sangakkara’s departing win – 2014

It was important to Sri Lanka to give Mahela Jayawardene and Kumar Sangakkara a proper goodbye in the T20. But it was hard to match when they played India, the undisputed powerhouse, in the 2014 finale in Dhaka. The Islanders had lost the 50-over World Cup finals in 2007 and 2011, and the T20 World Cup finals in 2009 and 2012.

However, Sangakkara made an undefeated 52 during Sri Lanka’s last T20 international, which sealed the team’s triumph. This came when Sri Lanka was chasing India’s relatively low score of 131 with 13 balls left.

These were all memorable moments in cricket history. However, if all they reminded us of anything at all, it’s that this sport has always been unpredictable. 

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