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Tourist spots in Sindh

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  • Karoonjhar Mountain
  • Faiz Mahal
  • Keenjhar Lake
  • Mohenjo Daro
  • Frere Hall

All of us, deep down, want to be daring explorers and go all over the world someday. Nevertheless, there are still many regions in our country and our province that we haven’t explored yet.

These are the five places in Sindh that tourists go to the most, regardless of whether they call the region home or are simply passing through.

Karoonjhar Mountain

The Karoonjhar Mountains, which are breathtaking, are located in the vicinity of Tharparkar.

On top of that, the mountain is loaded with useful minerals and is home to various plants that may treat various ailments. It has been the subject of many myths and tales, contributing to the breadth and depth of its history. The Karoonjhar Dam is now in the preparatory stages of its construction. It is a well-known vacation spot and one of the fascinating places to visit in the whole province of Sindh.

Faiz Mahal 

In Khairpur, the Talpur dynasty left behind an additional magnificent structure known as the Faiz Mahal. The walls of the palace exhibit extraordinary artistry, exposing the competence of the individuals who built the castle in the first place.

Fruit plantations have been established on the land once occupied by the “Hathi khana” and stables.

Keenjhar Lake

Since it is Pakistan’s second-largest lake composed entirely of fresh water, Keenjhar Lake has a special place in its history. In the well-known Sindhi mythology known as Noori Jam Tamachi, a shrine has been built to honor the memory of Noori Jam Tamachi, a fisherwoman who fell in love with Prince Jam Tamachi.

Keenjhar Lake, located in Thatta, is a significant water source for the cities of Thatta and Karachi. Keenjhar Lake is one of the most important water sources for both cities.

Mohenjo Daro

Something that every one of us has read a great deal about in the context of our Pakistan Studies classes but about which we know very little.

In the Sanskrit language, Mohenjo Daro is translated as “the mound of dead,” and it is situated in what is today known as Harappa. It is a breathtaking piece of macabre beauty and one of the most intriguing riddles that can be found anywhere. The experience of being there is very much like traveling to a different location. The sophisticated civilization is distinguished from others of its period by the elaborate structures it constructed as well as by its well-organized sewage and irrigation systems. Even the investigated cultural advancements seem to be more advanced than elsewhere.

The structure is in danger of being eroded due to inadequate maintenance, which caused the problem.

Frere Hall

Among the many structures dating back to the time of British colonial rule that has been preserved, Frere Hall is one of the buildings that show its magnificence. Karachi’s Frere hall is stunning and can be situated in the city’s southern neighborhood. When in Karachi, one should make it a point to stop by the hall.

Sindh’s long history of architecture will take the breath away of those visiting. There is more to see and more to learn, always.

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