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  • Hannah Jheel - Quetta
  • Hingol National Park - Hingol
  • Pir Chattal Noorani Gandhawa – Jhal Magsi
  • Jhal Magsi Desert Rally – Jhal Magsi
  • Pir Ghayb Waterfalls – Bolan

Mysteries surround the Pakistani province, making up 44 percent of the country’s total geographical area. A territory that is not only abundant in natural riches but also has another, the more spectacular trait is called Balochistan. It is a must-see attraction and has areas that satisfy a traveler’s needs.

The top five places to visit in Balochistan are listed here, a region that remains unexplored.

Hannah Jheel – Quetta

When they arrive in Quetta, travelers from all parts of Pakistan make their first stop here. Even though it’s just around 18 kilometers away from the city, Hannah Lake is a wonderful destination when you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big metropolis. When everything is covered in ice and frozen in the winter, it is a beautiful sight to see.

Hingol National Park – Hingol

Mountains appear like something out of another world, with uncommon and unusual creatures like the Markhor and other members of the deer family and calm, blue seas. Hingol has everything a potential visitor to Balochistan would want to see but never expect.

Pir Chattal Noorani Gandhawa – Jhal Magsi

A figurative and actual oasis in the middle of the desert. A fantasy story is set amid a beautiful natural environment in the desert. This refuge is frequented by stunning fish of a wide variety of species. If you catch or consume one of Pir Chattal’s fishes, you will either die from the poison they produce, or the fish will live through its voyage through your digestive system. This concept is very important to the economy of Balochistan because of its role in the tourism industry.

Jhal Magsi Desert Rally – Jhal Magsi

This region is chosen each year to play home to the Desert Rally and Desert Safari, and as a result, it receives a significant influx of tourists and sponsors. Fans of motorsports from all over Pakistan assemble in a single location to watch the upcoming rally. The Jhal Magsi region is renowned across Pakistan as the best place to go off-roading due to its arid and desert-like terrain. Without a doubt, one of Pakistan’s most noteworthy tourist destinations.

Pir Ghayb Waterfalls – Bolan

The residents of this area placed their confidence in the story of the Invisible Saint, also known as Pir Ghaib, who, according to the mythology, was shielded from an attack by the wicked king’s army by the Almighty. It is a fact that the Saint drove a stick into the side of the mountain, and there is water from it even today.

These are only a few spots of the numerous ones in Balochistan. There is so much more to see and so much more to learn.

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