Top Pakistani Content Creators on YouTube

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  • Maaz Safdar World
  • Ijaz Ansari Food Secrets
  • Salman Noman
  • BaBa Food RRC
  • Shaz Safdar World
  • Sistrology
  • Zulqarnain Sikandar
  • How - The Tech Education Channel

YouTube has become a powerful platform for content creators all around the world. Pakistan is no exception. From food recipes and entertainment to technology videos and high-quality content, Pakistani YouTubers are making waves on the platform. 

Maaz Safdar World 

Maaz Safder started his YouTube channel Maaz Safdar World in early 2020 and has quickly gained over 2 million subscribers. He posts videos about his family and daily activities, making viewers feel part of his family. From vlogs to challenges, Maaz’s channel is a fun and heart-warming escape from daily life.

Ijaz Ansari Food Secrets 

If you’re looking for traditional Pakistani and Western cuisine recipes, Ejaz Ansari’s channel is the place to be. With over 4.8 million subscribers, he has established himself as one of the most famous chefs on YouTube. His easy-to-follow recipes and detailed instructions make it easy for anyone to cook like a pro.

Salman Noman

The TikTok star turned YouTuber Salman Noman is a Pakistani social media star who gained popularity through TikTok. He moved to YouTube and quickly gained over 10.5 million subscribers. His short videos are entertaining and engaging, making him one of the most-watched YouTubers in Pakistan.

BaBa Food RRC

Ramesh Rizwan Chaudhary, also known as BaBa Food RRC, has over 3.63 million subscribers on YouTube. His food recipe channel shares traditional and healthy food and dessert recipes. His channel is a go-to for anyone looking for delicious and easy-to-make recipes.

Shaz Safdar World

Shaz Safdar gained popularity through TikTok and soon started creating content for his YouTube channel. With over 761K subscribers, he quickly makes a name for himself on the platform. His content is entertaining and relatable, making him a favorite among Pakistani viewers.


Sistrology is a YouTube channel run by five sisters who make funny videos, family and travel vlogs, and more. With over 1.47 million subscribers, their channel is a fun and heart-warming escape from daily life. Their videos showcase the importance of family and the beauty of traveling.

Zulqarnain Sikandar 

The TikTok and YouTube sensation Zulqarnain Sikandar gained popularity as a TikToker and is now a successful YouTuber with over 1.35 million subscribers. His content is entertaining and engaging, making him popular among Pakistani viewers.

How – The Tech Education Channel 

Malik Hajar’s channel, How provides information about ways and opportunities to earn money online. With over 1.05 million subscribers, he has taught thousands how to earn money online. His channel is a go-to for anyone looking to learn about the latest tech trends and how to make money online.

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