TikToker Aliza Sehar Files Complaint Against Video Leaker, Vows to Expose Him

Aliza Sehar, a famous TikToker known for her videos depicting rural life in Pakistan, has recently been the victim of online harassment after a private video call was leaked on social media. The video showed her in an intimate conversation with an unknown man, which sparked a lot of speculation and criticism from netizens.

Aliza, who has millions of followers on YouTube and TikTok, initially remained silent on the matter. However, after three days of enduring the backlash, she decided to address the issue through a video message posted on her TikTok account.

In the video, Aliza said that she had visited the Federal Investigation Agency’s Cybercrime office in Multan to file a complaint against the person who leaked the video. She thanked the FIA for their cooperation and support, but expressed her disappointment that they did not take any action against the culprit.

She revealed that the person who leaked the video was a former Pakistan Army official who lived in Okara but was currently residing in Qatar. She said that she had contacted him and he had admitted to editing the video but denied sharing it online. She said that he had apologized to her and asked for forgiveness.

Aliza also warned those who were spreading rumors and false information about her on social media to stop, or else she would expose their identities in an upcoming video. She said that she had received a lot of hate messages and threats from people who did not know her personally.

She also refuted the rumors that she had committed suicide after the video leak. She said that she was alive and well, and that her family was standing by her side. She also thanked her fans and friends who had shown her love and support during this difficult time.

Aliza’s videos usually feature her engaging in everyday tasks on her family farm, such as baking bread in an outdoor clay oven, cooking meals over an open fire, and tending to the livestock. She has gained popularity for showing the simplicity and authenticity of rural life in Pakistan.

Aliza’s leaked video scandal has raised questions about the privacy and security of online users, especially women, who are often subjected to cyberbullying and harassment. It has also highlighted the need for more awareness and education about the responsible use of social media platforms.

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