The Policeman Saluted Him: Nadia Hussain’s Confrontation with a Disturbing Stalker

Nadia Hussain is a big name in the fashion and entertainment industry. She has been part of the fashion world for over 20 years now, and she is a very successful businesswoman as well.

Nadia Hussain ruled in different fields, staying relevant through her work.  The diva was on @friehaaltaf's podcast #FWhy and shared facts about her life, career, and thoughts. Nadia, the queen of opinions, fearlessly calls out those who dare to do wrong.

She talked about her own scary experience and shared what disgusting behaviors she had seen in the world but never bowed down before them.

She shared that she was once stalked when she was going home and how that experience made her feel. Scary situation alert! Just had a man start following me in his car! I had to run for my life! Stay safe out there, everyone!  I finally spotted a policeman and went up to him for some assistance. #Throwback to many years ago.

The policeman, instead of helping her, went and started saluting the guy who was following her. She took that opportunity and slipped away from there. Nadia: "I didn't feel scared at that time either." Feeling nothing but pure anger, she never hesitates to speak out against harassment.

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