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The Miracle of Pakistan: The Team That Made It to the Semi-finals of Cricket World Cup 2022

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  • Back from the dead.
  • Shadab made it worth it.
  • Victory is beyond the point of expectation.

The win against Bangladesh that Pakistan achieved by a score of five wickets assured that they would go to the semi-finals of the 2022 World Cup. Pakistan has carried out such an unimaginable action. 

At the Adelaide Oval on Sunday, 6 November 2022, Pakistan astonished everyone with a victory over Bangladesh by scoring 5 wickets. With this victory, Pakistan moved on to the quarterfinals of the current T20 World Cup 2022. After suffering defeat at the hands of India and then being taken aback by Zimbabwe, there was no chance that they could advance to the semi-finals. But because of a strange turn of events that saw them fight back bravely and a few more results going their way, they are now in the semi-finals and will most likely play New Zealand on Wednesday, 9 November 2022. This is all down to a few more outcomes going their way.

Back from the dead

Pakistan has been resurrected from the dead, much like the biblical figure Lazarus or a phoenix. And they can’t claim any of the credit for their comeback since they’ve already put themselves in a position to fail multiple times before this point.

Pakistan’s World Cup campaign would have been over before it started if the Netherlands hadn’t pulled off a stunning victory against South Africa.

Shadab made it worth it.

There have been a few positives for Pakistan to come out of this tournament thus far. One of them is named Shadab Khan. He has been excellent, except for the catastrophically ill-timed shot he took against Zimbabwe.

When Pakistan played Bangladesh, it was because of Soumya Sarkar that they could keep the Tigers’ total to 127-8, which significantly improved from 73-1.

As the all-rounder has taken 10 wickets so far in the tournament, he is now Pakistan’s leader regarding the most wickets taken. The fact that he has an economy rate of 6.22 demonstrates how hard he is to hit. The fact that he has a limb defect does not change the reality that this is the situation. When batting against South Africa, he scored 52 runs, which proved to be the decisive moment in the match.

Victory is beyond the point of expectation.

This fortunate series of circumstances has done more than keep Pakistan’s dreams of competing in the World Cup alive; it has also alleviated any tension the squad may have felt. Every member of the Men in Green had been put to death and laid to rest. Whatever lies ahead is now seen as a bonus at best, considering that most of their devoted admirers and harsh TV critics back home had already given up on them.

Since our people aren’t held to high standards by anybody, there isn’t the type of pressure that may lead to their making blunders in their performance. The worst is now behind us. It is not an embarrassment to lose in the semi-finals, especially at the hands of the tournament favorites Australia and New Zealand.

For a variety of reasons that go beyond cricket, Pakistan has had a difficult week. In the middle of it all, the people of Pakistan were surprised by the Netherlands with a gift. Sunday was much more joyful than it would have been otherwise because of the triumph against Bangladesh. At long last, it was Sunday, and it felt like a Sunday.

And here’s hope that there will be many other Sundays like the one we just had.

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