The Hypocrisy of Pakistan’s Entertainment Industry

Actor Ayesha Omar recently appeared on Frieha Altaf’s ‘FWhy Podcast’, where she opened up about her entertainment industry journey and challenges. She spoke about the hypocrisy in society when it comes to women working in a male-dominated industry and the impact it had on her mental health.

Ayesha Omar’s Experience

Omar shared her experience working in the entertainment industry and how being a woman in a world full of men meant putting up a hard front to survive. She talked about the double standards, where women who are soft and vulnerable are seen as weak, while women who are tough and assertive are labeled as difficult and arrogant. Despite facing mishaps, accidents, sexual harassment, and abusive relationships, Omar persisted and emerged stronger.

The actor also highlighted the importance of mental health and rallying for different causes. She agreed with Altaf that standing up for oneself, and others helps in dealing with the issues faced by women in the industry. On a more positive note, Omar shared details about her upcoming projects, which include four films slated to premiere this year. She expressed her excitement for these projects and highlighted the significance of each one. According to Omar, one of the films, ‘Money Back Guarantee’, is a political satire that perfectly resonates with the current situation in Pakistan.

Women in Pakistani Entertainment 

The challenges faced by women in Pakistan’s entertainment industry are numerous and complex. Women are often objectified, subjected to sexism, and pressured to conform to traditional gender roles. They are frequently subjected to harassment, both in public and private spaces, and face significant obstacles to career advancement. Many women are forced to deal with a double standard, where their male colleagues are praised for their ambition and determination while they are criticized for being “difficult” or “arrogant” for asserting themselves. Despite these challenges, women in Pakistan’s entertainment industry continue to push boundaries, defy expectations, and make significant contributions to the country’s cultural landscape.

The impact of Omar’s story goes beyond her individual experiences. Her journey sheds light on the larger issue of hypocrisy in Pakistan’s entertainment industry. The fact that women have to put up a tough front to survive, and cannot afford to be soft and vulnerable, reflects the patriarchal mindset in the society. It highlights the need for a cultural shift toward a more equitable and inclusive industry where women are not subjected to harassment, abuse, and discrimination.

Ayesha Omar’s story is a reminder of the challenges women in the entertainment industry face and its impact on their mental health. Her journey is also a call to action for the industry and society to create a more equitable and inclusive environment for women. Only through such efforts can we achieve gender equality and create a more just and fair society for all.

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