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Taylor Swift’s Writing Tips | Unconventional Wisdom from the Pop Star

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  • Please keep it simple!
  • Employ literary devices
  • Read more
  • Be vigilant
  • Add details

No one could be unaware of Taylor Swift. Whether you love or detest her, you must admit that she is a fantastic writer. Despite her focus on songwriting and poetry, she has much to teach you about the craft of writing.

If you want to improve your writing, here are five tips Taylor Swift thinks would help you the most.

Please keep it simple!

Swift’s earliest albums were simpler than her later ones; her narrative was obvious and told plainly. Of course, it doesn’t make it any less effective or meaningful. The message itself is what matters. Using fancy language or complex phrase patterns is optional to seem intelligent. After all, the point of writing is to get your point across, and often the most effective way to do so is with brief, straightforward prose.

Employ literary devices

Many literary techniques, such as metaphor, simile, anaphora, and exaggeration, may be found throughout Swift’s writings. Literary devices are used for various reasons, but ultimately to improve writing. When it comes to using metaphors, Swift is unrivaled. To cite “All Too Well,” her emotions are like a crumpled piece of paper that was left behind. Though this advice is more appropriate for fiction writers, even academic writing may benefit from the occasional use of a literary technique.

Read more

Swift has discussed how the works of F. Scott Fitzgerald have inspired her writing. One of the benefits of reading is that it allows you to explore new ideas and get in touch with your feelings. Inspiration may also be found in books. “Love Story,” one of her early songs, is a modern take on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet tragedy. Reading is essential to improve as a writer since it will expose you to fresh information and ideas.

Be vigilant

Not every song by Taylor Swift is autobiographical. She can get ideas from anywhere, and when she does, she easily turns them into hit songs. Possessing acute eyes and seeing detail are valuable abilities for any writer. There is much beauty in the world, and it’s important to draw motivation from it.

Add details

If the thesis is the backbone of your writing, details are the minor flourishes that make it distinctive and powerful. Swift remembers a painful relationship in “All Too Well”. Instead of just saying she’s devastated and drained, she elaborates. Your writing can be better with just the right number of details. This goes beyond fiction. Academic writing may include an in-depth explanation and real-world examples that support your thesis and strengthen your argument.

Writing assignments are a necessary evil of the collegiate experience. No matter what field of study you choose, you will likely be required to write essays on occasion.

So, if you ever feel stuck, ask yourself, “What would Taylor Swift do?”

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