Sutlej River Floods: Vehari District Under Siege

The Vehari district in Pakistan is grappling with the devastating aftermath of high-level flooding caused by the overflowing Sutlej River. The situation escalated rapidly as numerous houses collapsed, leaving thousands homeless and forcing others to evacuate their villages. This deluge has severed crucial land routes to various settlements and is relentlessly advancing toward urban areas.

Rescue Efforts and Relief

In response to this crisis, the district administration has initiated rescue operations to assist those stranded in the floodwaters. They are providing essential facilities in tent villages and flood relief camps. In a heartening incident, residents played a pivotal role in rescuing one of two brothers swept away by the rapid currents.

Regrettably, there are areas where relief efforts have yet to commence, leaving people exposed to the elements without assistance. The district administration has set up tent facilities for flood victims, evacuating over 4,000 people to safety.

Extensive Damage

The impact of the flooding is staggering, affecting more than 150 villages and inundating thousands of acres of crops. This devastation was exacerbated when a protective bund gave way, and breaches occurred in Mauza Bhattian and Qadir Bux bunds. Several villages are now submerged, including Mauzas Koda, Baqir Shah, Jatira, and many others. Homes have been destroyed, possessions lost, and men, women, and children are stranded in the floodwaters.

Expanding Threat to Urban Areas

The floodwaters pose an escalating threat to urban areas such as Sahoka, Kalia Shah, and Hassan Shah. The imminent deluge at Headworks Islam raises concerns of further destruction.

Bahawalnagar district also faces severe flooding, particularly at Head Sulaimanki. Here, temporary bunds and roads have succumbed to the deluge, cutting off land routes to more than 80 villages.

PDMA's Response and Relief Stats

The Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) has responded actively to this crisis. They report that a staggering 583 villages have been affected by the Sutlej River flooding. A dedicated team of 966 rescue workers operates in the affected districts, with 92 medical camps to provide care.

The PDMA spokesperson revealed that 56,560 people stranded in floodwaters have been rescued immediately. Moreover, cooked food has been distributed to approximately 58,757 people, and over 18,371 victims have been safely evacuated.


The situation in the Vehari and Bahawalnagar districts is dire, with extensive damage and displacement. Immediate relief efforts, support, and resources are vital to mitigate the suffering of those affected by this devastating flood.


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