Smuggling attempts of Apple products successfully stopped at Islamabad Airport

On Thursday, 20th October 2022, Pakistan customs inspectors successfully foiled a significant effort to smuggle contraband into the country via Islamabad International Airport (IIA). The authorities successfully seized from the traffickers a quantity of equipment worth more than Rs. 50 million.

Three people were working together to get these products into the airplane without paying for them. Islamabad International Airport was the destination for a jet from Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), flown in from Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

As soon as the customs team had a reason to suspect anything, they responded quickly and were headed by assistant collector Beenish Rasheed.

Officials from Customs informed the media that they had taken possession of more than one hundred iPhone 14s, MacBooks, and other electronic gadgets that had been taken from travelers. According to the accurate numbers, there were 106 iPhones, 12 MacBooks, and 37 other laptops. In addition, the contrabandists were equipped with Apple products such as iPods, Apple Watches, and AirPods.

According to what was said before, everything was taken into custody, and the investigation is still ongoing.

At the beginning of this week, Pakistani customs agents successfully thwarted a similar attempt to smuggle illegal goods into the country via the Islamabad International Airport. During their screening of overseas passengers, the crew was made aware of an effort to smuggle contraband. A person trying to bring contraband into Qatar was apprehended due to heightened passenger screening.

As concerning as it is, it is also relieving that these attempts are successfully being stopped and brought into the light to serve as a reminder to avoid them.

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