Senate’s Decisive Move: Unanimous Approval for Anti-Army Propaganda Penalties

On Monday, the Senate unanimously passed a resolution that urges strict penalties to be imposed on individuals who spread negative and malicious narratives targeting the Pakistan Army and security forces.

Resolute Senate Action: Stringent Penalties Proposed for Anti-Army Propaganda

Several bills were presented during a Senate session chaired by Chairman Sadiq Sanjrani. Senator Bahramand Khan Tangi, a member of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), has put forth a resolution recommending that the government take appropriate actions to enforce strict penalties, as per the law, against individuals involved in spreading harmful propaganda against the armed forces and other security agencies. The resolution was unanimously approved.

Recognizing Sacrifices: Senate Acknowledges Armed Forces' Role in Defence

The resolution's text acknowledges the significant sacrifices made by the armed forces and other security agencies in the fight against terrorism and in safeguarding the country's borders. It also recognises the importance of having a strong army and security agencies to defend the country, particularly considering the hostile surroundings. The Senate of Pakistan is deeply concerned about the negative and malicious propaganda being spread against the armed forces and other security agencies on various social media platforms. In light of this, the Senate recommends that the government take the necessary steps to ensure that severe punishment is awarded as per the law. The resolution acknowledged the ongoing battle against terrorism and the protection of national borders. It also affirmed the numerous sacrifices made by the armed forces and defence agencies. It demands severe punishment for individuals involved in spreading negative and malicious propaganda against the military and security forces.

Senate Urges Government Action Against Anti-Military PropagandaThe resolution expressed concern about derogatory content being spread on social media platforms against the Pakistan Army, emphasising the importance of having strong military and security agencies to deal with neighbouring adversaries. The government was urged to take decisive action against individuals involved in spreading anti-military propaganda.

Zehri's Resolution: Fast-Tracking Support for Diverse Students and Drug Education in UniversitiesIn the meantime, Senator Samina Mumtaz Zehri from the BAP party introduced a resolution urging the government to take swift action to meet the needs of students from various cultural backgrounds. Additionally, the resolution calls for a reform of the higher education curriculum to educate students about the potential consequences and risks associated with drug use. The resolution also included a provision for the implementation of a comprehensive monitoring mechanism in all universities. This mechanism aims to ensure strict adherence to the "Policy on Drug and Tobacco Abuse in Higher Education Institutions 2021".

Climate Change Concerns: Resolution on Hold Due to Lawmaker Absence

The resolution proposed by PTI Senator Seemee Ezdi, which aimed to prioritise climate change projects in the development budget and allocate adequate funds for climate change adaptation, was not discussed due to the absence of lawmakers.

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