Saudi Arabia Recovers 12,000 Pakistani Passports from Afghan Nationals

In a significant development, Saudi Arabian authorities have recovered 12,000 Pakistani passports from Afghan nationals. This incident has highlighted the rampant issue of fake citizenship documents being issued to illegal immigrants, particularly Afghans.

Details of the Incident

The Saudi authorities informed the Pakistani embassy in Riyadh about recovering many Pakistani passports from Afghan citizens. This revelation has led to a crackdown on unscrupulous elements in issuing fake citizenship documents to illegal migrants in the country, especially Afghans.

Investigation Underway

Director General Immigration and Passports Directorate Mustafa Kazi and the Federal Investigation Agency have initiated an investigation into this matter. As a result of the investigations, the main suspect, Umar Javed, has been arrested in Lahore for making fake passports. Javed’s arrest followed the detention and questioning of a former officer and a serving grade-15 officer of the Passport Directorate.

Fake Identity Cards

Sources revealed that Pakistani passports were issued to Afghan citizens based on fake identity cards. Kazi recently assumed his post and is working with FIA officials to crack down on individuals creating fake passports.

Pakistani Envoy’s Response

When contacted for a comment, the Pakistani envoy in Saudi Arabia declined to speak. However, an interior ministry official, speaking anonymously, stated that the Passports Directorate was aware of its responsibilities and a thorough investigation into the matter was underway.

NADRA’s Role

National Database Registration Authority (NADRA) Chairman Lieutenant General Munir Afsar informed senators that some of his organization’s staff were involved in issuing fake Computerized National Identity Cards (CNICs). The NADRA chief made this revelation while addressing the Senate Committee on Interior when it took up the issue of fake CNICs.

This incident has highlighted the urgent need for stringent measures to curb illegal activities related to citizenship documents. It is hoped that this crackdown will deter individuals from engaging in such fraudulent practices in the future.


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