Saudi Arabia Expands Scholarship Program for Pakistani Students

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has recently announced an increase in the number of fully funded scholarships for Pakistani students. Initially, the Kingdom had announced 600 fully funded scholarships for Pakistani students to pursue studies at various academic levels in 25 prestigious universities. However, the scholarship slots have now been expanded to accommodate a total of 700 students. This significant opportunity is open to both students residing in Pakistan and Pakistanis legally residing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The scholarships cover a broad spectrum of academic pursuits, ranging from Diploma and Bachelor’s degrees to Master’s and PhD programs. To apply for these scholarships, interested students can visit the official website. Under this scholarship scheme, 75% of the available scholarships will be awarded to Pakistani students from their home country, Pakistan. The remaining 25% of the scholarships will be allocated to Pakistani students who are currently residing in the Kingdom.

Nadir Alam, the Education Adviser, has extended his request to school principals in Pakistan. He urged them to disseminate this invaluable information to senior students in the XI and XII grades, as well as those pursuing O-A levels. Furthermore, he encouraged school officials to ensure that the details are communicated to parents, and to prominently display this opportunity on school notice boards and gates.

This is indeed a golden opportunity for Pakistani students to pursue their academic dreams in one of the leading countries in the Middle East. The increase in the number of scholarships is a testament to the strengthening ties between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, and it opens up new avenues for Pakistani students to gain international exposure and enhance their skills.

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