Sarah Inam Murder Case: Verdict to be Announced on December 14

The district and sessions court in Islamabad, presided over by Sessions Judge Nasir Javaid Rana, has reserved its verdict in the murder case of Sarah Inam, a 37-year-old economist. The decision will be announced on December 14.

Sarah was brutally murdered with dumbbells by her husband, Shahnawaz Amir, son of journalist Ayaz Amir, in Islamabad’s Chak Shahzad area on September 23, 2022. Shahnawaz had previously confessed to the crime, claiming he “thought” his wife was having an affair and that he killed her in self-defense.

During the hearing, Samina Shah, Shahnawaz’s mother, described Sarah as a “very sweet child who loved her a lot”. She recounted the events of the fateful day, stating that she was in her room when the incident occurred and was unaware of the situation due to the noise from the air conditioner.

Samina revealed that Shahnawaz was not in his right mind when he called her to the scene. She immediately informed her husband, Ayaz Amir, about the incident. Despite Ayaz’s suggestion to lock their son in the room, Samina insisted that Shahnawaz was not in the right state of mind. When asked about Sarah’s condition, she had to deliver the tragic news of her death.

In a surprising turn of events, Samina’s lawyer, Nisar Asghar, criticized the prosecution for not having Sarah Inam’s radiologist report and for failing to call Samina Shah as a witness. He questioned the prosecution’s decision to make Samina an accused in the case and raised doubts about the prosecution’s handling of evidence.

Last month, Shahnawaz was acquitted in a case related to the possession of an illegal weapon, a Kalashnikov, due to lack of evidence. The court stated that the prosecution failed to prove the charge against Shahnawaz and rejected the evidence provided by the prosecution as doubtful.

Shahnawaz, rejecting all evidence submitted by the prosecution against him as “baseless”, claimed that he found Sarah dead in the bathtub when he returned home from the market.

Sarah Inam, a Canadian national, was a successful economist who had worked with Deloitte and USAID at different points in her career. She held a master’s degree from the University of Waterloo and was employed in the government sector in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Sarah, who was married to Shahnawaz for just three months before her untimely death, is survived by her father, mother, and two elder brothers.

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