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Sania Mirza’s Tennis Lessons Offer More than Fame and Fortune

Former Indian tennis star, Sania Mirza, recently opened up about her life, career, and the lessons she learned from her journey in sports in an interview with BBC Urdu. This was her first extensive interview after her divorce from Pakistani cricket star, Shoaib Malik.

Mirza, who decided to retire at the age of 37, spoke about the physical demands of the sport that influenced her decision. She said, "A lot of people asked about my decision to retire. I wanted to stop on the top. It was very important to me." She further explained how her body didn’t recover as quickly after strenuous matches, especially after undergoing three surgeries and having a child.

Despite her victories, Mirza emphasized that the hard work behind the scenes often went unnoticed. She said, "People would see that I was playing finals but they couldn’t see what I had to do to get there."

Mirza also shared her thoughts on fame and criticism. She stated, "I don’t think I feel that people are after me but I do understand and realise that not everyone can like you in the world. Everyone in your family can’t like you, then how would everyone in the world like you?" She further added, "Everyone has different opinions, choices, likes, and dislikes. It’s not a personal attack on you."

Over the past decade, Mirza noted significant personal growth, particularly in her patience, largely influenced by motherhood. She said, "I have definitely developed more patience. I think that is something that has happened both with my age and my child’s birth. I think when you become a mother, you don’t have a choice other than being patient."

Mirza also revisited her past comments about staying grounded despite fame. She said, "I think the world we live in today, be it social media or as in my case, fame, you have so many people around you telling you nice things. It is very important that you also have people who tell you the truth."

For Mirza, the most important things in life are not money and fame. She said, "The most important things in life are not money and fame. They are nice to have, but not the most important. What really matters is who supports you when times are tough, and who you’re willing to stand up for."

She compared sports to life, saying that the skills learned on the tennis court help in everyday situations. She said, "The same principles apply in life because they build your personality. The lessons I’ve learned from sports, I don’t think there’s a book in the world that could teach me the same."

In recent news, Mirza celebrated Eid 2024 in beautiful shades of pastels. She also made a glamorous appearance at the airport. Despite her divorce from Shoaib Malik, Mirza continues to inspire many with her grace, style, and resilience.

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