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Retired Pakistani Boxer, Amir Khan, Criticises Queen Mary University for Cancelling Pro-Palestine Fundraiser

Amir Khan, a retired professional boxer, has recently utilised the social media platform Instagram to bring attention to the numerous obstacles encountered in his pursuit of humanitarian initiatives for Palestine.

He shared a screenshot of an email attempting to smear him and cancel his upcoming fundraising event for Palestine. The email, classified as a press inquiry, included his statements regarding Hamas and Israel, along with his intention to participate in an event scheduled for December 16 at Queen Mary University.

Faryal Makhdoom, the spouse of the former boxer, expressed her thoughts on the matter by commenting on the post, stating that there seems to be a prevailing belief that supporting Palestine is inherently incorrect. “Apparently anyone speaking up for Palestine is wrong. But Israelis wiping out an entire nation is OK!???"

Amir Khan shared an article from The Jewish Chronicle, reporting that Queen Mary University of London decided against hosting a Gaza fundraiser in partnership with Khan. The university expressed concerns about a speaker who endorsed "armed resistance" against Israel. In response, Khan made an accusation, stating that the institution had cancelled a crucial fundraiser aimed at supporting children in need.

Queen Mary University, London, is being criticised for the cancellation of a fundraiser, which has raised concerns due to the urgent need for assistance among thousands of innocent children.

Amir Khan previously expressed frustration towards individuals who choose to remain silent when confronted with worldwide tragic events. He emphasised the importance of differentiating between the coloniser and the colonised and the politicisation of casualties. Specifically, he criticised individuals who employ "Arab and Muslim vernacular" without implementing substantial measures.

Amir Khan and his spouse, Faryal Makhdoom, have expressed strong support for Palestine, openly discussing their views on the matter. Faryal, in particular, has faced threats from unidentified individuals warning her of potential repercussions if she continues to share content opposing Israel.

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