Reema Khan: Why a Pakistani Film Star Chose Home Over Bollywood

Reema Khan entered the world of cinema with her film Bulandi. It was a highly successful film, and she captivated audiences from her very first appearance on screen. Reema Khan soared to stardom and never looked back after her debut. She has an impressive filmography, starring in 200 films and even directing some highly acclaimed films. She has also excelled as a host, overseeing numerous television shows and broadcasts. Reema built a successful career in Pakistan and never ventured into Bollywood.

Several Pakistani stars ventured into Bollywood and were fortunate enough to secure promising projects. Fawad Khan, Mahira Khan, and Ali Zafar are among those who made a mark in the industry. Meera, like Reema, was a Bollywood actress during that era. During an interview for Hasna Mana Hai, Reema was questioned about her decision to not pursue a career in Bollywood, despite receiving multiple offers.Reema mentioned that she has always believed that her own industry, although smaller, is more esteemed, so she never visited India. She made it clear that while there is a level of respect for Pakistani artists, there are certain factions that oppose their presence in Bollywood and wield significant influence. Therefore, if an artist finds themselves seeking to make a sudden escape from India to Pakistan in the middle of the night, it may not be the most ideal situation.


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