PTI Pushes President Alvi to Announce General Election Date Amid Constitutional Concerns

Islamabad: As President Dr. Arif Alvi's five-year constitutional tenure came to a close on September 08, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf's (PTI) core committee has urgently called upon him to declare the date for the forthcoming general elections. The committee stressed that any delay could potentially breach the Constitution, jeopardising the democratic rights of the Pakistani populace.


Elected in 2018 with a majority backing from PTI, President Alvi has been in a pivotal role in the country's political landscape for the past five years. The pressing demand from the PTI's core committee emphasises not only the importance of setting an election date swiftly but also the responsibility vested in the president's office to ensure the democratic sanctity of the nation.


The Constitution of Pakistan bestows upon the president the power to set a date for general elections within a span of 90 days, should the National Assembly be dissolved before its term concludes. The PTI committee's unanimous resolution highlights the urgent need for President Alvi to act promptly in this matter, thereby reinforcing the supremacy of the Constitution and ensuring a seamless transition of power.


The political arena has been rife with challenges, with PTI's core members citing the "undemocratic and unconstitutional" efforts towards a regime change conspiracy in April 2022 as a significant source of the current turmoil. The party reaffirms that the only solution to the myriad crises confronting Pakistan lies in the prompt establishment of a democratically elected government.


Adding complexity to the electoral situation, the recently approved 2023 census results mandate the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to undertake fresh delimitations. The ECP has slated this task for completion by November 30, with the electoral process set to commence thereafter.


Several political parties, notably the PTI and Pakistan Peoples' Party, advocate for the elections to adhere to the Constitution's 90-day guideline. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court has been approached through multiple petitions, beseeching its intervention in the ongoing electoral predicament.

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