PTI Presents 24-Point Charter of Demand to ECP for Free and Fair Elections

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party has recently approached the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) with a 24-point charter of demand (CoD) to ensure free, fair, and transparent general elections. The PTI’s senior leaders and legal representatives, including Barrister Gohar Ali and Dr Babar Awan, presented the CoD to Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Sikandar Sultan Raja during a 45-minute-long meeting at the ECP Secretariat.

During the meeting, the PTI leaders communicated their concerns regarding the upcoming February 8 elections and discussed the obstacles impeding their campaign. They demanded that the ECP should instantly allot the party the electoral symbol of “bat” and provide a level playing field. Barrister Gohar Ali, the PTI spokesperson, claimed that the CEC had assured the delegation that the bat symbol would be given to the PTI and it would be on the ballot paper in the elections.

In the CoD, the PTI also demanded the release and recovery of kidnapped and arrested PTI workers and leaders. They informed the ECP that the PTI was not being allowed to hold public gatherings, rallies, and corner meetings on private premises. The PTI spokesperson pointed out that either their requests for holding public meetings were unduly delayed, or even flatly refused.

The PTI leaders also highlighted the challenges being faced by the PTI in holding meetings and printing flags and banners. The party was not even allowed to print party flags and banners. They requested a notification from the ECP to enable a fair and just electoral process.

The PTI leaders also took up the issue of the “illegal release of huge funds by the caretaker government” with the CEC. They added that the caretaker government’s move of releasing funds was beyond their constitutional mandate and authority.

The PTI spokesperson categorically said that Imran Khan would remain the party chief even if he was in “illegal incarceration”, and it was out of the question to minus him from the electoral battle.

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