PTI Leaders and Social Media Team Clash Over Shahid Afridi Controversy

A recent controversy has emerged within the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party, involving its leaders, social media team, and former cricket captain Shahid Afridi. The dispute began following the circulation of an old video featuring Afridi, which led to a backlash from PTI’s social media team.

The Controversial Video

The video in question, which went viral on social media platform X, shows Afridi discussing the no-confidence motion against then-prime minister Imran Khan, his promises before assuming power in 2018, and his government’s performance. Afridi made these comments while in London in 2022 for a fundraising event for his charitable organization.

PTI Leaders’ Response

In response to the criticism directed at Afridi, PTI leaders Sher Afzal Marwat and Ali Muhammad Khan defended the former cricketer. Marwat blamed PTI’s social media team for the propaganda and urged them to speak positively about Afridi. He also stated that Afridi holds Imran Khan in high regard and suggested that the campaign against Afridi might be driven by personal vendettas.

Ali Muhammad Khan echoed Marwat’s sentiments, stating that both Imran Khan and Shahid Afridi are national heroes. He added that any inappropriate statement made by Afridi would be his personal opinion.

Social Media Team’s Reaction

Azhar Mashwani, a PTI social media activist, reacted to Marwat’s statements by asking him to delete his tweet. Mashwani emphasized that PTI’s platform promotes Imran Khan’s narrative, not propaganda. He advised Marwat to raise any internal party issues through the appropriate forums.

Afridi’s Response

Afridi responded to the criticism by stating that it has become challenging to differentiate between truth and lies. He reaffirmed his admiration for Imran Khan and stated that his narrative would not change due to lies and propaganda.


The controversy highlights the internal dynamics within PTI and the role of social media in shaping public discourse. It also underscores the influence of prominent figures like Afridi, who continue to command significant public attention.

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