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PSL 2024: First 15 Matches Likely to be Held Abroad Due to General Elections

The Pakistan Super League (PSL) is gearing up for its ninth season, and there are some significant changes on the horizon. Due to the upcoming general elections in Pakistan, the first 15 matches of PSL 2024 are likely to be held abroad, with South Africa and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) being the potential hosts.

The decision was made during a meeting of the PSL governing council, where it was also decided that the tournament would run from February 8 to March 24. The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has already briefed the sponsors and production staff about these changes.

However, the PSL franchises have expressed reservations about holding the tournament abroad. They argue that the PSL is a brand of Pakistan and should be held in the country. They also raised concerns about the increased expenses if the PSL is staged abroad.

In response to these concerns, the franchises have proposed seeking permission to hold the PSL in Pakistan. If the interior ministry refuses to provide security during the elections, then they will consider staging the PSL abroad.

Earlier in September, it was reported that the PCB was considering holding the ninth edition of the PSL in Dubai due to the expected general elections in the country and to cut the expenses of the local administrations. However, the franchises were not in favor of changing the venue for the tournament.

An important meeting of the PSL governing body was summoned on September 25 at the request of the PSL franchises. The franchises seem to have reservations over delays in matters in line with the PSL 2024. The commitments of the foreign cricketers with the other leagues leave the franchises in worry.

In other news, Islamabad United, the 2016 and 2018 PSL champions, have targeted Mike Hesson, the former Royal Challengers Bangalore Director of Cricket, as their first choice for the position of Head Coach for PSL 2024.

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