P@sha ICT Awards 2022

The P@SHA ICT Awards, present in their tenth year, are intended to honor Pakistani software and service applications by providing participating enterprises with increased exposure not only in Pakistan but also in the markets of neighboring areas and the globe as a whole. 

Consequently, it is planned to honor those who have made important contributions to Pakistan’s information and communications technology (ICT) business and commemorate their accomplishments within that sector. The P@SHA ICT Awards were established to draw attention to the achievements of Pakistan’s software and service application development. Its mission is to recognize and honor outstanding achievements in the area of information and communication technology in the Pakistani community. Not only does taking part in the annual Awards program and the global Asia Pacific ICT Awards provide companies with the opportunity to boost the exposure of their brand on a local, national, and even international scale, but it also provides the ideal environment in which to do so (APICTA).

Nominees for the Asia Pacific Awards will be selected from among the outstanding items considered for the P@SHA ICT Awards.

The purpose of the annual awards ceremony is to recognize the accomplishments of those individuals who have worked tirelessly behind the scenes in Pakistan’s information technology sector, as well as those individuals who have had a significant influence on the lives of others, as well as Pakistan’s economy and its standing in the international community.

These products and services have raised the standard for Pakistan’s Information Technology (IT) industry. They are globally competitive against the best offerings from 16 countries, including the United States of America, Japan, China, and Malaysia.

The P@SHA ICT Awards are the exclusive approved route to the annual Asia-Pacific ICT Alliance Awards. These awards are held by various parties, including investors, public stakeholders, policymakers, commercial organizations, startups, and corporations.

Winners of the P@SHA ICT Award are the only ones who are given mentoring and the chance to present their award-winning product or service at the APICTA Awards in front of a select audience comprised of representatives from 16 major IT economies in the region.

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