Protect Your Hearing | How To Stay Safe Against Loud Noise Exposure of Headphones?

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  • Loud noise damages
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As wireless communication has become more common, more and more people are using headphones. With headphones, someone can listen to music or talk to someone else without disturbing the people around them.

Concerns have been voiced concerning the safety of headphones despite their growing usefulness and simplicity of use. It is possible to wear headphones healthily, but you must be aware of the appropriate volume and know when to unplug and stretch your ears (not literally!).

Loud noise damages

Each ear has thousands of cells, some of which include tiny hairlike structures called hair cells that are important for relaying auditory information from the ear to the brain. Sound transmission is halted permanently when these cells are damaged by loud noise. 

The link between the hair cells and the nerve cells may be disrupted by loud noise, causing damage even if the hair cells are unharmed. In conclusion, it is undeniable that exposure to excessively loud noise is hazardous.

A probable ear injury is influenced by the sound’s level and how long the ear is subjected to it. Put another way, the risk of injury from louder noises increases with the reduced duration of exposure. It only takes an hour or less to listen to music with headphones slightly above safe levels to trigger permanent hearing loss. 

It is important to strike a balance between how long you use something and how loud it is, but safe listening at a comfortable level should be the top priority.

Safe Listening Suggestions

It is essential that you keep track of the length of time you have been listening as well as the volume level.

Listen at a manageable level for you, and break up prolonged listening sessions with short breaks at regular intervals.

For safety, bring earplugs or headphones with you to any event (concert, sporting event, etc.) where you will be subjected to loud noise for a long period since this might potentially cause hearing damage. 

Using various products, you can protect your ears from noise that could otherwise cause permanent damage. These products range from low-cost foam earplugs to high-tech headphones with noise-canceling features and even custom ear molds from an audiologist. Some of these products are more expensive than others.

Finally, see an audiologist or an otolaryngologist if you are concerned about your hearing or the noise levels you are routinely exposed to. 

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