PM Kakar Invites Overseas Pakistanis to Invest in Pakistan

Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaarul Haq Kakar has appealed to the overseas Pakistanis to consider investing in their homeland through the Roshan Digital Account, a fully digital and online banking platform launched by the State Bank of Pakistan in collaboration with commercial banks.

In a meeting with a delegation of overseas Pakistanis led by Nouman Mustafa on Tuesday, PM Kakar said that the Roshan Digital Account offers a convenient and riba-free way for the non-resident Pakistanis to send money to their own accounts in Pakistan and avail various banking, payment and investment services.

He said that the Roshan Digital Account enables the overseas Pakistanis to open a current or savings account in Pakistani rupees or foreign currencies, invest in term deposits, wealth management and takaful products, pay utility bills and fees, buy cars for their loved ones, invest in the stock market, real estate and Naya Pakistan Certificates issued by the government.

PM Kakar emphasised that the Roshan Digital Account is the safest avenue for remittance transfers, as it helps enhance the national economy and reduce the dependence on foreign loans. He said that the government is committed to creating a favourable environment that allows the overseas Pakistanis to confidently invest in and contribute to their homeland’s development.

He also assured the delegation that the government will provide comprehensive support and facilities to the overseas Pakistanis who invest in Pakistan through the Roshan Digital Account. He said that safeguarding the rights of overseas Pakistanis is a top priority for the administration and that there will be a strict zero-tolerance policy towards any laxity in this regard.

He appreciated the role of the overseas Pakistanis in supporting the country’s economy and image and urged them to continue their valuable contributions.

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