PM Kakar Holds RAW Responsible for Balochistan Tensions, Pledges Strong and Decisive Response.

The Prime Minister has attributed the escalation of tensions in Balochistan to the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), highlighting their significant role in the situation. Additionally, the Prime Minister has committed to implementing a strong and effective response to address the current situation.
Prime Minister Kakar strongly condemns terrorism.
PM Kakar firmly voices his stance against 
The Caretaker Prime Minister, Anwaarul Haq Kakar, has issued a stern warning statement concerning terrorism in Balochistan. He expressed his concerns about separatist groups receiving financial support from India's Research and Analysis Wing (RAW). During his address in Lahore, Mr. Kakar acknowledged the constitutional right to engage in protest activities while firmly affirming a zero-tolerance policy towards acts of terrorism.
Clearing the Air: Prime Minister Kakar Expresses Disapproval and Takes a Firm Stand on Recent Conflicts
The caretaker PM expressed disapproval of the recent conflicts in Islamabad. He mentioned that demonstrators, who were believed to be associated with separatist organisations, threw stones during the protests. As a result, law enforcement intervened by using baton charges and water cannons. The interim Prime Minister supports the right to protest but wants to make it clear that the government will not tolerate any acts of terrorism committed by individuals linked to the families of missing persons.

National Security Alert: Prime Minister Kakar Acknowledges the Presence of Armed Groups
Mr. Kakar's emphasis on the existence of armed organizations that are attempting to destabilize Pakistan underscores the significance of this issue. Moreover, he clearly states his intention to openly discuss this issue after his term ends, demonstrating an understanding of the importance of taking proactive steps to address potential threats to the security and stability of the nation. The individual argued against the idea of granting a "license to kill" to dissenters, stating that the government would not show leniency towards those who support terrorism under the guise of protest.
Protester Accountability: Prime Minister Kakar's Strong Stance Against Violence

The caretaker PM expresses a personal detachment from the fight against terrorism, highlighting that their involvement is not motivated by personal reasons but rather by a shared responsibility towards the state. The person stated that simply engaging in assertive discourse is not enough to solve problems. They emphasized the importance of taking tangible actions to address the issues at hand. This statement emphasizes the seriousness of the issue of terrorism. 
PM Kakar Reassures Public for February 8 Poll
Prime Minister Kakar provides reassurance to the public regarding the upcoming February 8 polls. In response to the concerns raised about the upcoming elections on February 8, Kakar, as a concerned citizen, aimed to reassure the public by highlighting the readiness of the electoral process. He demonstrated his unwavering commitment to exercising his democratic right by actively participating in the voting process.

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