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PFF Faces Financial and Logistical Challenges Ahead of Jordan Match

The Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) is facing a tough situation as it tries to host Jordan for the home leg of the 2026 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers on March 21. The PFF has been forced to postpone the national team’s training camp, which was supposed to start from March 1, due to financial problems. Moreover, the PFF is still looking for a suitable venue for the match, as the Jinnah Stadium in Islamabad does not meet FIFA’s standards.

According to a source from the PFF Normalisation Committee, the main reason behind the delay of the camp is the lack of funds. The source said that the PFF is waiting for the government’s support to arrange the camp and the match. The source also said that the PFF is hopeful that the government will install floodlights at the Jinnah Stadium, as per its promise, so that the match can be played under lights. The source added that the responsibility of the floodlights lies with the Pakistan Sports Board (PSB).

However, the floodlights are not the only issue with the Jinnah Stadium. The PFF had announced on January 22 that the stadium does not meet FIFA’s requirements, and that it is exploring alternative venues to ensure the game takes place at a neutral location. The PFF had said that it had been working with the PSB to prepare the Jinnah Stadium for the match, but despite their best efforts, the stadium fell short of FIFA’s standards. The PFF had also cited the challenge of meeting FIFA’s lighting standards, as the match is scheduled to be held during Ramazan.

The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) had given the PFF an extended deadline to confirm the venue for the match, but the PFF could not resolve the stadium issues in time. The PFF is now in talks with the AFC and the Jordan Football Association to find a solution for the match, which is crucial for Pakistan’s World Cup hopes. Pakistan is currently at the bottom of Group B, with one point from four matches, while Jordan is second, with 10 points from five matches.

The PFF has expressed its regret over the situation, and has appealed to the government, the PSB, and the football fans to support the national team in this difficult time. The PFF has also assured that it is doing everything possible to host the match at home, and to provide the best facilities and training for the players. The PFF has also thanked the AFC and the Jordan Football Association for their cooperation and understanding.

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