PCB announces partnership with GEO

The Independent Media Corporation (IMC) has won the Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) Official Content Partnership Rights tender, and the PCB is happy to announce this.

Thanks to this arrangement, in the period between September 2022 and August 2023, Geo News, IMC’s television news channel, will have access to all unique programming outside of the news

genre thanks to this arrangement.

It includes 120 seconds of match highlights (for editorial purposes only) and access to the field of play during training sessions only, as well as a select number of interviews with elite players/coaches/PCB officials, behind-the-scenes footage, and one-on-one interviews with star performers of the day from home international matches.

The PCB sees this partnership as a way to protect, promote, and improve the Pakistan cricket brand while bringing cricket fans closer to the game by sharing timely, accurate, and fact-based information and analyses about domestic and international cricketing issues involving Pakistan.

The two parties have agreed to improve cricket coverage at the grassroots and regional levels, women’s cricket, local tournaments, and PCB initiatives like the Pakistan Cricket Foundation and development programs.

“Cricket unifies our country and is arguably the only national brand that is recognized, respected, followed, and adored throughout the globe,” the PCB stated in welcoming

Geo News. To ensure cricket keeps growing in Pakistan, the PCB’s job is to protect, promote, and strengthen the sport’s public image, reputation, and standing.

“In light of the above, we couldn’t be more pleased to have Geo News on board as our Official Content Partner. The PCB hopes that by working with ESPN, they can better connect with cricket’s fan base and keep them up-to-date on the sport’s progress in Pakistan. With Geo News on its side, the PCB will be able to further maximize its messaging, deliver accurate, fact-based information to its followers, and attract new viewers.

The PCB is pleased to welcome Geo News as its first official content partner and looks forward to working closely with the network to benefit cricket and its many constituents.

Geo News, a pioneer in Pakistani sports coverage and athletic culture, is thrilled to join PCB as its official content partner, and they didn’t hold back their enthusiasm in a press release.

As a result of this partnership, Geo News will be the best place for Pakistani audiences to get real news and insights about cricket.

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