Passport Fee Asaan App: What You Need to Know

In today’s Internet-driven society, online monetary transactions are the norm, not the exception. After the epidemic hit, the rush to digitize everything has increased, including business. With decreasing mobility, individuals increasingly turn to the internet to fulfill their basic and more specialized requirements. This includes everything from food and drink to clothing and entertainment (gadgets, automotive, or other hobbies).

It has been reported that a mobile application, Passport Fee Asian, has been launched to make payments for passports ordered online via the Directorate-General of Immigration and Passports of Pakistan (DGIP).

According to the officials, the program will make it possible to do away with “long lines and unpleasant excursions to the banks.” The Passport Fee Asaan app makes it simple for users to compute and pay the fees associated with obtaining a passport.

The Features of the app include the following:


The Passport Fee Calculator is a straightforward Wizard that allows users to choose appropriate alternatives based on their specific circumstances and then automatically create a Payment Challan (PSID). This PSID may be paid at any ATM, via Internet-Banking, or at a bank branch that is a part of the 1-link network.

Complaint Resolution

Users of this app can instantly register concerns about the payment process, and such complaints will then be processed.

Inquire Status

Users can quickly check on the status of a filed payment or complaint with only a few touches on the screen.

This is a great development. If consumers can depend on a trustworthy and protected online transaction system, they will have less anxiety while carrying out financial transactions.

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