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Passport Distribution Initiative for Afghan Immigrants Begins in Pakistan

In a significant development, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan has initiated the distribution of passports to Afghan immigrants residing in several countries, including Pakistan, Iran, and Turkey. This endeavour addresses the pressing documentation issue for Afghan nationals living abroad, enabling them to access essential services and opportunities. While the process has already commenced in some countries, it is temporarily halted in Uzbekistan and China due to logistical challenges.

Challenges Faced by Afghan Immigrants

Afghan immigrants in foreign countries encounter numerous challenges, with the lack of proper documentation being paramount. Obtaining passports or other essential documents is vital for their ability to lead a stable and secure life in their host nations. Commencing the passport distribution process is a significant step in addressing these issues.

Passport Distribution 

Iran, Pakistan, and Turkey have taken the lead among the countries actively participating in the passport distribution process. Afghan immigrants in these nations have expressed their satisfaction with the process at the Afghan consulate. However, some have raised concerns regarding the associated fees. Initially set at $30, the fee has been reduced to $20 by Ministry of Interior, but many refugees still find it challenging to afford these electronic passports.

Afghanistan's History of Conflict-Driven Migration

Wars and violence have plagued Afghanistan for decades, compelling millions of its citizens to seek refuge in neighbouring countries, including Pakistan. The distribution of passports facilitates legal status for these immigrants and grants them access to education, employment, and travel opportunities they were previously denied.

Proof of Registration Cards in Pakistan

In 2006, Afghan refugees in Pakistan were issued Proof of Registration cards, granting them legal status in the country. These cards were last extended in 2021 for an additional two years. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) reports that of the 3.7 million Afghans living in Pakistan, more than 1.3 million are registered, indicating the significant number of Afghan immigrants in the country.


The commencement of passport distribution to Afghan immigrants in Pakistan and other countries represents a significant milestone in addressing the challenges Afghan nationals living abroad face. This initiative offers them legal recognition and opens doors to education, employment, and improved quality of life. While some hurdles, such as the affordability of passports, persist, the efforts of the Afghan government and international organizations like the UNHCR demonstrate a commitment to improving the lives of Afghan immigrants in their host countries.


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