Pakistan Urged UN to Take Action Against Israeli Operations in Gaza

Pakistan has recently intensified its diplomatic efforts to address the ongoing conflict in Gaza. Speaking at the United Nations Security Council’s ministerial-level debate, Ambassador Usman Jadoon, deputy permanent representative of Pakistan to the UN, called for the international community to consider “further measures” against Israel to secure a ceasefire and put an end to the violence in Gaza.

Ambassador Jadoon did not specify the measures but emphasized the need to halt what he referred to as Israel’s “genocidal war” in Gaza. He expressed concern that the conflict could spread to adjacent regions, potentially engulfing the entire Middle East. The envoy also highlighted the importance of reviving the peace process towards a two-state solution to establish durable peace and security in the region.

Ambassador Jadoon also expressed disappointment over the UN Security Council’s veto of Algeria’s draft resolution for Palestine’s full UN membership, despite widespread support that signifies Palestine’s rightful place in the international community. He reaffirmed Pakistan’s commitment to a two-state settlement based on the 1967 borders, with Al-Quds as the capital of a Palestinian state.

The Pakistani envoy’s statements come amid a backdrop of heightened tensions and violence in the region. The situation has drawn international attention, with calls for restraint and a renewed focus on diplomatic solutions to the longstanding conflict.

Pakistan’s push for a ceasefire aligns with the country’s historical support for the Palestinian cause. Ambassador Jadoon reaffirmed Pakistan’s unwavering support for Palestine’s quest for self-determination and emphasized that UN membership for Palestine is a crucial step towards rectifying historical injustices and fostering conditions for meaningful negotiations.

The debate at the UN also saw UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres urging an end to the cycle of retaliation and calling on the international community to work together to avert a full-scale regional conflict. He stressed the importance of ending hostilities in Gaza as a first step towards realizing the two-state solution.

Pakistan’s stance on the conflict is carefully tailored to meet both domestic and international expectations. As a majority Muslim nation where the Palestine issue is considered sensitive, Pakistan’s foreign office has called for an immediate ceasefire and an end to the siege of Gaza by Israel.

The recent developments underscore the complexity of the Middle East conflict and the urgent need for a concerted international effort to bring about a peaceful resolution. Pakistan’s active role in advocating for peace and justice in Gaza reflects its commitment to upholding human rights and supporting the cause of self-determination for the Palestinian people.

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