Pakistan to Repatriate Over a Million Afghan Refugees in Phased Plan

The caretaker government of Pakistan has announced its decision to repatriate 1.1 million illegal Afghan nationals back to their homeland. This decision comes in the wake of a crackdown against terrorism, currency smuggling, and the illegal trade of sugar and fertilizer.

The federal cabinet has approved the plan to evict more than 1.1 million illegal Afghan refugees through the Interior Ministry circulation summary. The repatriation will be carried out in three phases. In the first phase, Afghan refugees residing illegally and those who have not renewed their visas will be evicted. The second phase will see the eviction of Afghan citizens, while proof of residence card holders will be repatriated in the third phase.

The Ministry of Interior has collaborated with all relevant stakeholders, including the Afghan government, in formulating this comprehensive plan. It is noteworthy that 0.4 million refugees arrived in Pakistan following the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan.

In a related development, Karachi police have arrested at least 293 Afghan nationals for residing in the city without valid travel documents. The arrests were made during citywide raids conducted from September 9 to 12. Police stations of Quaidabad, Shah Latif, Malir City and Sukhan arrested 37 Afghan nationals, while 68 immigrants were arrested from Korangi district and 49 from Kemari district. Additionally, 91 Afghan citizens were arrested from Gulshan Iqbal, Shahrah Faisal, Sohrab Goth and other areas.

This decision by the Pakistani government underscores its commitment to maintaining law and order within its borders while also addressing international concerns regarding illegal immigration.

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