Pakistan to launch own digital currency like bitcoin

Pakistan’s central bank is on the cusp of a groundbreaking development in its digital banking landscape as it gears up to introduce its digital currency. This landmark initiative promises many benefits; however, its successful implementation hinges upon establishing rigorous regulations to safeguard secure and efficient financial transactions.

The Rise of Digital Currency in Pakistan

In a bold move that challenges the traditional stronghold of physical currency, Pakistan’s introduction of digital currency holds the potential to revolutionize the financial landscape. This transformative step forward will significantly reduce costs and redefine the flow of capital throughout society, paving the way for a truly Digital Pakistan.

Enforcing Strict Regulations for Seamless Transition

Adopting digital currency necessitates the implementation of robust regulations that strike a delicate balance between innovation and security. Pakistan’s central bank promotes financial inclusion while protecting consumers and businesses from potential fraud and cybersecurity threats. Stringent regulations will facilitate a seamless transition to a digital currency framework.

Exploring the Concept of CBBCs

Shoukat Bizinjo, Additional Director of the State Bank’s Digital Financial Services Group, recently shed light on Pakistan’s ambitious pursuit of financial innovation. Collaborating with global counterparts, the central bank is actively exploring the concept of callable bull/bear contracts (CBBCs) as a potential avenue for launching digital currencies. This proactive approach showcases Pakistan’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge financial instruments and technologies.

Collaboration and Consultation with Banks

Addressing the International Conference on Mobile Commerce 2023, Bizinjo emphasized the State Bank of Pakistan’s collaborative approach to digital currency development. Extensive consultations with other banks are underway to foster a comprehensive understanding of the implications and potential applications of CBBCs and digital currency. Such collaboration ensures a holistic approach to shaping Pakistan’s digital currency ecosystem.

Empowering Electronic Money Institutions

The pivotal role of Electronic Money Institutions (EMIs) in the digital transformation of Pakistan’s banking sector cannot be overstated. These institutions have spearheaded the progress of e-banking, empowering consumers and merchants through the launch of e-money wallets, prepaid cards, and contactless payment options. According to Dailypakistan, Pakistan boasts four live commercial EMIs—NayaPak, Finja, CMPECC, and Sada Tech Pakistan—managing 1.6 million e-money wallets with an impressive e-money balance of Rs2 billion.


Pakistan’s central bank’s imminent launch of its digital currency heralds a groundbreaking era in its digital banking journey. While adopting digital currency promises unparalleled opportunities for transforming financial transactions, stringent regulations are essential for ensuring secure and efficient implementation. Through collaboration, consultation, and the expertise of Electronic Money Institutions, Pakistan is poised to reshape its financial landscape and unlock a new era of economic growth in the digital age.

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