Pakistan Temporarily Suspends Issuance of 100-Page Passports

In a significant move towards digitization, the Passport Office has announced the temporary cessation of issuing 100-page passports. This change comes as part of the larger agenda of the Directorate General (DG) of Immigration and Passports to launch electronic passports (e-passports) across the nation.

Starting in the capital, Islamabad, the introduction of e-passports by the federal government this past June has now reached all passport offices countrywide. The Passport Office, in its official statement, expressed understanding for any inconvenience citizens might feel due to this change, emphasizing the long-term benefits of a secure and efficient e-passport system.

Beginning on August 16, 2023, the government has laid out a fresh fee structure for these e-passports. However, prices for the conventional passports remain the same. Here's a quick look at the new rates for e-passports:

  • The 5-year, valid, 36-page e-passport is priced at Rs. 9,000. If you're in a hurry, the express service will set you back Rs. 15,000.
  • A 72-page e-passport under the regular processing fee is Rs. 16,500. But, if you want it urgently, it'll cost Rs. 27,000.
  • Opting for a decade-long validity? The 36-page version comes at Rs. 13,500 for standard processing and Rs. 22,500 for swift service.
  • The 72-page, 10-year valid e-passport has a regular fee of Rs. 24,750. The express version is available at Rs. 40,500.

The government's decision to temporarily halt the issuance of 100-page passports aligns with their efforts to streamline passport services and introduce more secure electronic passports. This is expected to enhance the travel experience for Pakistani citizens.


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