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Pakistan Street Child Football Team to Participate in Norway Cup

In 2022, Pakistan’s street football team achieved an awe-inspiring second-place finish in the Street Child World Cup held in Doha, Qatar. Despite facing tough competition, the team displayed an unbeaten run throughout the tournament, narrowly losing to Egypt in the championship game (4-3) after a tense penalty shootout.

 The Street Child United’s Impactful Event

The Street Child United, a UK-based non-profit organization, organized the 11-day competition that brought together 28 teams from 24 nations. Beyond the excitement of the matches, the event served as a platform to empower street-connected young people and raise awareness about global challenges. The Pakistan street football team’s participation showcased the strength and resilience of these young athletes.

 The Norway Cup Beckons

The Pakistan street football team is gearing up for its next challenge – the Norway Cup. As the world’s largest tournament for individuals aged between 10 and 19, this event allows these young athletes to shine on the global stage. The tournament will commence on July 29, 2023, in Oslo, Norway.

 Anticipation and Support

Anticipation and excitement are building within the team as they prepare for their journey to Oslo. Coaches, supporters, and the nation rally behind these young athletes showering their well wishes and encouragement. Their presence in the tournament represents the aspirations of the team and the indomitable spirit of Pakistani youth.

 A Chance to Make History

The Norway Cup offers Pakistan’s street football team the chance to continue their incredible journey and make their mark on the international stage. This milestone is a testament to their hard work, dedication, and unwavering spirit. Their participation aligns with the tournament’s goal of fostering unity and understanding and raising awareness about street-connected youth’s challenges.

Carrying the Hopes and Dreams of a Nation

As these young athletes step onto the pitch in Oslo, they carry the hopes and dreams of a nation with them. Their journey has been extraordinary, and their participation in the Norway Cup showcases their resilience and passion. Regardless of the outcome, they have already won hearts and minds with their incredible journey, inspiring future generations.


The Pakistan street child football team’s participation in the Norway Cup is a testament to their remarkable journey and the talent and potential that can be found in unexpected places. From their impressive performance in the Street Child World Cup to their upcoming challenge in Norway, these young athletes have proven that dreams can become a reality with dedication and determination. As they showcase their skills on the international stage, they are not just playing a game; they are making a statement about the power of sports to empower and inspire.

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