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Pakistan Sports Board’s Constitution 2022, what has been changed ?

In the wake of the 69th meeting of June 2022 of the Board of Governors, extensive changes were discussed. 

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) anticipates spending around 78 percent of its overall budget of PKR 15 billion on cricket-related activities. This will feature the very first Pakistan Junior League, the eighth season of the HBL Pakistan Super League, and upgraded central contracts for both male and female players beginning with the 2022–2023 cricket season.

During the meeting, there was also a discussion on making improvements to the infrastructure and the stadiums. Contracts for the central teams in both the red-ball and white-ball formats of cricket have been awarded. The compensation received by female cricketers has also seen a 15% boost. Along with this, the number of players in the central pool for women’s cricket will increase to 25.

As of right now, there will be a total of 33 men’s players on central contracts, which is a significant increase from the previous total of 20.

The prior agreements will be modified to contain a new category labeled “D.” Captains will, for the first time, be eligible for a special per diem beginning this year. Resources have been reserved for prominent athletes in the interest of effectively managing the amount of labor being done. 

A total of one hundred million rupees has been earmarked for the purpose of establishing the Pakistan Cricket Foundation. The Board of Governors (BOG) has given the Pakistan Cricket Foundation permission to establish itself as a charitable organization.

This money will be used to help support cricket in Pakistan.

The foundation will take care of retired players, officials, scorers, and field workers from the cricket community once they have retired from the game.

Keeping this backdrop in mind and staying true to the philosophy that is centered on recognizing, appreciating, and rewarding high-performing players, the changes in the core contracts for 2022-23 provide a significant amount of potential upside. These athletes are the cream of the crop and deserve nothing less than the very finest treatment and respect throughout their careers to guarantee that they attain the utmost potential they are capable of.

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