Pakistan Gears Up to Launch Tourism App, Aims to Boost Eco-Tourism

A significant move aimed at boosting the tourism sector, the Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Tourism, Wasi Shah, announced on 'World Tourism Day' that the ministry is all set to launch a 'tourism app' for the convenience of the public.

Beyond digital advancements, the interim government is not only focusing on technology but also wants to work with private companies to promote eco-tourism, especially in areas with natural beauty and history.

Wasi Shah enthusiastically shared, "In the near future, domestic and international tourists can rely on this official app for credible information, streamlining their access to Pakistan's tourism department."

One-Click Information and Medical Tourism

The app will provide one-click information related to tourism destinations and focus on promoting medical tourism in the country. This initiative is expected to make it easier for local and international tourists to access reliable information about tourist spots, means of transport, and other services.

Promoting Eco-Tourism

The minister further stated that the caretaker government would promote eco-tourism under a private-public partnership in areas abundant in tourist attractions. This move aligns with this year's theme for World Tourism Day, "Tourism and Green Investments", emphasizing the importance of sustainable tourism practices.

Availability on Google Play Store

The app will be available on the Google Play Store for Android users. This ensures that many smartphone users in Pakistan and South Asia can easily download and use the app.

Boosting Pakistan's Tourism Sector

The launch of this app marks a significant step in advancing the prosperity and progress of the region. In his message on World Tourism Day, President Dr. Arif Alvi highlighted the power and potential of the tourism sector.


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