Moral Order In Pakistan Has Collapsed

The recent unrest in the capital has only reinforced what we already knew: the moral order in Pakistan has collapsed, and it has been a concern that has been looming for some time now. Recent events have only highlighted the extent of the issue, particularly in Punjab, where the violence has reached an all-time high. It is a cause for concern that the police, who are supposed to protect and serve the public, are instead engaging in acts of aggression and violence against civilians.

Political Instability Prevails 

The recent political unrest in Pakistan has exposed the violent tendencies of the Punjab police, backed by the Pakistan Rangers, which have been nothing short of disgraceful. The police’s behavior toward civilians has been outrageous, with examples like pulling the dupatta off a girl’s head, dragging her by the hair, and mercilessly dragging a girl out of her wheelchair. These acts of aggression speak to a lack of respect and sympathy for the Pakistani public, which seems rampant in most Pakistani institutions.

Punjab has always been a volatile province when it comes to violence. In contrast, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) has always had a much stronger and morally sound culture. While less well-educated and economically developed than Punjab, KPK and The Pushtoon community have a reputation for being respectful and honorable.

A Cultural Contrast

The KPK police, on the other hand, have not been known to disrespect the public in this way. While they may need more numbers and command of the Punjab police, it is clear that the culture of both provinces plays a huge part in how they conduct themselves. It is time for the Punjab police to take a hard look at themselves and start behaving more respectfully and empathetically toward civilians.

However, this issue goes beyond just the police force. It reflects the larger societal problems in Pakistan, where the moral order has collapsed. This insensitivity toward the public from institutions such as the police have finally started to boil over and could lead to even more unrest and violence from both sides. If left unaddressed, this situation could spiral out of control and cause irreparable damage to the country.

Morality vs. Mission

In the context of the collapse of moral order in Pakistan, one cannot help but reflect on the timeless debate of morality versus mission. While the mission of institutions such as the police force is undoubtedly important, it must never come at the cost of morality and ethics. While the Punjab police were tasked with enforcing the law, such heinous acts are not a part of their mission, nor are they commendable under any sound moral system. 

The fact is that they, like several institutions in this country, have betrayed the public under the guise of public service. It is a tale as old as Pakistan itself and will end with us careening toward our destruction if the status quo prevails.

Crime Rate Continues Rising

One would think that with the force law enforcement has been operating in Pakistan, crime would have taken a serious hit. However, this is not only not the case; in reality, crime is at an all-time high. 

The rising inflation has brought out the worst in people, with crime rates soaring. In the first 3 months of 2023 alone, 21,000 cases were reported. Take into account the number of unreported cases, and it’s evident that the efforts of the police have failed miserably. Mobile snatchings and vehicle theft have been occurring at disturbing rates, and the inability to combat them is an example of how ineffective law enforcement in Pakistan has been. 

The Way Forward

It is up to the government to step in and take decisive action to address this issue before it is too late. The collapse of moral order in Pakistan is a pressing concern that requires urgent attention and action. It is high time for all Pakistanis to take responsibility and work together to restore the moral fabric of our society.

Suppose Pakistan is to overcome these challenges and move forward as a society. In that case, it is essential to recognize and address these issues and work together toward a more harmonious and morally sound future. It needs to start with institutions being more respectful toward civilians, and from there, we can move toward repairing the moral fabric of our society.

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