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Mohammad Amir Ends Contract with Betting Company Following PCB Warning

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has issued a stern warning to fast bowler Mohammad Amir regarding his association with a surrogate betting company. This comes after the company posted old photos of Amir on social media, which were taken during his retirement.

Amir has assured the PCB that the surrogate betting company will not use his image for its advertising campaign following his inclusion in the Pakistan team. The PCB has reminded Amir of the Government of Pakistan’s prohibition on making agreements with betting companies. As such, he has been advised not to participate in any such advertisements.

A spokesperson for the PCB stated that Amir had an old agreement in place with the company. Following the board’s warning, the company has removed Amir’s videos from its social media. It is speculated that Amir may have terminated the agreement by returning the agreed-upon amount.

Despite his assurances to the PCB, Amir has faced criticism from cricket fans on social media. Last year, he entered into an agreement for social media promotion with a betting company. According to the agreement, he was to promote the betting company with 60 posts for Rs. 12.5 million.

The company had recently posted Amir’s old photoshoot on social media, which he had done during his retirement. However, following the PCB’s warning, the company will not use his images for promotion in the future.

In other news, Amir is set to return to the national squad. The 32-year-old has ended his one-year contract with the betting site. Under the agreement, the betting site was paying Amir Rs1.25 crore, as the cricketer signed up to endorse the company on social media.

The PCB had earlier issued a statement to the surrogate betting company, asking it not to use Amir’s picture for its advertising campaign after his inclusion in the national squad. Reports suggest that the betting company has also removed Amir’s clips from social media.

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