Missing Imran Riaz Khan Returns Home After Four Months

Renowned journalist and YouTuber Imran Riaz Khan returned home safely after mysteriously disappearing for four months. This event followed the nationwide protests on May 9 due to the arrest of PTI Chairman Imran Khan. District Police Officer Hassan Iqbal, along with the Sialkot police, confirmed his safe recovery.

Known for his daring style and massive YouTube audience of 4 million, Khan was taken into custody and later transferred from the Cantt. Police Station to a jail in Sialkot. Even though officials from the Lahore High Court were told he was let go on May 15, Khan was nowhere to be found.

Many in Lahore's High Court put much effort into getting Khan back. They gave the chief of Punjab police until September 26 to ensure he returned. Then, the news everyone was waiting for came from the Sialkot police on a platform many people used to call Twitter, saying, "We've found journalist Imran Riaz Khan, and he's now with his family."

Khan's lawyer was so happy, saying, "God has been kind, and my prince is back." He talked about how hard it was to get Khan back and the issues with the law they faced.

Here's a quick look at what happened:

  • May 9: Protests began after PTI Chairman Imran Khan was arrested.
  • May 15: The Lahore High Court was told Khan was out of jail.
  • May 16: Khan's father, Muhammad Riaz, reported some unknown people took his son.
  • May 19-26: The Lahore High Court asked many groups to help find Khan.
  • June 6: Khan's lawyer said they were getting tired of waiting.
  • July 5-25: Lahore High Court said Khan needs to be found by a certain date.
  • September 6-20: A top police officer in Punjab, Usman Anwar, kept saying they knew where Khan might be and were looking into it.

To know more about Imran Riaz Khan, he started as a crime reporter for local newspapers but then moved to broadcast media. He's known for tough interviews with big names in Pakistan, worked with international newsgroups, and wrote for The Express Tribune. In 2020, he started a YouTube channel named "Imran Riaz Khan", which made him even more famous. He faced some issues because of his work, but he has done a lot for journalism in Pakistan.


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