Miraculous rescue in China

It took 17 days, but a Chinese worker who helped his injured colleagues after an earthquake and then got lost in the mountains has been found.  

After an earthquake of 6.6 struck the southern part of the province of Sichuan earlier this month, at least 93 people lost their lives, and many more were forced to flee their homes.

On September 21, China National Radio (CNR) reported that a local farmer had recovered Gan Yu, an employee at the Wandong hydropower project in Sichuan who had been missing since September 18. Yu was found to be alive but in a devastating state.

Gan and his teammate Luo Yong were on duty when the earthquake occurred on September 5; they stayed to administer first aid to injured employees and to prevent flooding by releasing water from the dam. They traveled on foot for nearly thirty miles (about fifty kilometers) to get away from the remote power plant.

Because Gan is very nearsighted, he misplaced his glasses after the earthquake and thus had a tough time traversing the mountainous landscape. The two individuals made a desperate effort to sound the alarm and draw the attention of others farther away from the incident scene. Ultimately, they concluded that Gan should stay behind while Luo searched for assistance.

Luo fashioned Gan a bed out of moss and bamboo leaves before they parted ways, and he also provided Gan some nourishment in the shape of wild berries and bamboo shoots.

On September 8, rescue workers identified Luo after he used fire to draw the attention of a helicopter. On September 11, however, Gan could not be found when Gan’s improvised shelter was discovered. 

The searchers only discovered abandoned clothing and footprints, leading them to presume Gan had died due to the cold. Participating in the search on Wednesday morning allowed the villager to use his prior knowledge of the surrounding region. After hearing Gan’s terrified cries, it took him just two hours to find Gan lying in the shadows of some woods. 

It took the other rescue workers a few more hours to discover Gan, who was then flown by helicopter to a nearby hospital on Wednesday. The medical staff determined that Gan had suffered significant bone fractures.

Even if it requires effort, miraculous things could happen, perhaps.

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